Sunday, April 8, 2012

Some advice

In conversations with my dentist, it has become clear that perhaps the biggest problem they have with patients is compliance in how many hours in a day the appliance is worn.

Apparently, some patients think they can wear the appliance for fewer hours per day than recommended (sometimes many fewer) but then they are disappointed that progress is slow or nonexistent.

I suppose that for patients like myself who work hard to earn a modest living then must take that money out of their pocket and hand it to the dentist, we are very motivated to cooperate fully in order to "get our money's worth" from what we have struggled to pay for.

But perhaps others (like children) who did not really work to earn that money, or perhaps those who have such work covered by insurance or paid for by others, are not so motivated. Perhaps they see it more as an annoyance. So you parents out there who are perhaps reading this blog because you are getting this type of work done on your children- you need to stay on top of it. If your child is asked to wear the appliance X hours/per day, see to it they do. If the patient cheats it will retard or even prevent progress.

As inconvenient as these appliances might seem to a child, if they were to experience the braces I had as a child, with the bands on the teeth, the cement, the monthly torture/adjustment sessions that remained painful for 2 weeks, the painful rubber bands, they would know that no-pain DNA Appliance epigenetic orthodontics is a blessing and a breeze in comparison. This is an age of miracles and wonders. Of course they are children, so they don't know that.  So use your parental wiles to deal with it accordingly.


  1. Hi There,

    I am just about to get a consultation for the DNA appliance. I have severe tmj porblems and am happy to come across your blog. Do you mind sharing with me what kind of costs comes with this treatment money wise? I am going to have to pay out of pocket for this, but need to do it due to a persistent jawbone cavitation. I would so appreciate to get a reply. Thanks!

  2. Ive been looking into something like this for problems of my own, and was deciding between trying the homeoblock or the DNA appliance. This blog has given me hope that this thing will actually work, and along with NCR maybe help some problens with my narrow palate/jaw and twisted up spine :/ Looking forward to an update soon...

  3. Good Morning Rick,

    My name is Ken Yielding and I manage the Diagnostic Service for Dr Singh, the inventor of the DNA appliance System, here at BioModeling Solutions. We are the education, public relations and diagnostic branch for the DNA appliance. I has wondering if you would post a before and after photo of yourself. We are always looking for patient testimonials to add to our website.


    Ken Yielding
    IT Department
    BioModeling Solutions LLC

  4. I have had my Homeo Block for a week now and wear it 8 hours each night. I have already experienced some changes in my facial region. The appliance isn't cheap but it is well worth money, so far anyway. The cost was $800.

    Good Luck Keith

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