Friday, September 30, 2011

Setback- my own fault

The dentist warned me early on to be careful not to lose or damage my DNA appliances because they are "very expensive" to replace. To me, when a dentist calls something "very expensive",  that's very scary.

I ran into an unexpected social situation yesterday. I was running an errand and had not planned to linger anywhere. I was wearing my lower appliance. In the midst of my errand I was offered some very nice hospitality which included snacks. I took out my appliance in order to eat something. I wrapped it in a napkin. (It then looked like something that needed to be thrown out when clearing the table.) I forgot about it. After leaving, I realized my error and called the host but the place was closed for the day. I got there first thing this morning to dumpster dive, but it was garbage day and the garbage man had already come and gone.

I called the dentist office to report it. Spoke to office personnel, but the doctors were already gone for the weekend. Office personnel had no idea what the replacement is going to cost. They said it hadn't happened there before. I have an appointment for next Thursday. Until then I'm left wondering about about a dentist's definition of "very expensive". It was a stretch for me to do this DNA treatment to begin with.

Of course, this will set me back some weeks on the progress of my lower teeth as well.

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