Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hurry up and wait

I think the enlargement of the gaps in the appliance as well as the improvement in the alignment of my upper teeth are quite noticeable

It has been a while since the last entry, but there is a reason for that- something changed in the plan and I didn't have the information yet what that change meant and how to best report it.

Previously I reported that the dentist thought it was time to start on the lower teeth. She took new mouth impressions in order to make the appliance. She also asked me to stop expanding the lateral adjustment upper appliance for the time being. However it turns out the new appliance has not yet been ordered, and I have since been asked to go back to expanding the appliance in both axes.

What I have since learned is that the dentist consulted with Dr. Singh about my case, and he determined it was not yet time to start on the lowers. The uppers still needed more improvement. So I am back to the normal routine of adjusting my appliance and the doc is looking at my mouth once a week, checking progress.

I look forward to getting work started in earnest on the lower teeth, hopefully soon.

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