Sunday, December 19, 2010

What has been done to me so far

A reader  expressed that it wasn't clear whether I had actually begun treatment yet or not. As of this writing I have only been in preparation for treatment. First I was sent to a specialized dental imaging facility where both head scans and camera pictures were taken (full face, facial profile, chin raised, and the inside of my mouth, upper and lower). These were then sent on to Dr. Singh in Portland, Oregon. (I am receiving the treatment from my local dentist, but she is in consultation with Dr. Singh on all DNA Appliance related cases.)

Then a few days ago my dentist took impressions of my mouth and also made a measurement of the span of my upper dental arch (the arch-shape of rows of teeth) at the C5 position shown in this illustration: 

This span measured 32mm, but by the time treatment is concluded it should be wider.

Also a measurement of the width of my tongue was taken. It is 50mm at the same place where the teeth are only 32mm apart.

In addition to impressions of my teeth, another impression was taken of the space between my upper and lower teeth with the jaws in a relaxed position which she referred to as the phonetic gap. To achieve this, I was instructed to say the word "Mississippi" and to hold the position of my jaws that was created by the last syllable. The small gap between my upper and lower teeth was then gauged with a thin stick and I was instructed to bite down upon it while a molding paste was squirted into that gap. The paste set in about one minute and was then removed.

The doctor was scheduled to fly to Portland the following day to consult with Dr. Singh, and she would bring these impressions and measurements with her.

I was told by the doctor I would receive my DNA Appliance sometime in January.

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